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Pavel I. Kudinov
Ph.D., Research group leader,
Division of Nuclear Power Safety,

Royal Institute of Technology.
Stockholm, Sweden

Scientific interests:
  1. Nuclear power safety.
  2. Numerical methods of fluid mechanics and heat-mass transfer.
    • Numerical methods on unstructured grid.
    • Unstructured grid generation and adaptation.
    • High order numerical schemes.
    • Numerical results visualization.
  3. Free and forced convection.
    • Incompressible and compressible viscose fluid flows.
    • 3D vortex dynamics.
    • Thermo-gravitational and concentration convection.
    • Turbulence models.
    • Hydrodynamics and heat-mass transfer problems with unstable and non-unique solutions.
  4. Multiphase flows.
  5. Aeroelasticity.
  6. Technical applications.
    • Compressor's and turbine's flows.
    • Transsonic vapor flows.
    • Simulation of heat-mass transfer processes in combustion of coal fuel.
  7. Optimization of planning of complex production in big plants.

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