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CFD - Computational Fluid Dynamics

The project is devoted to a Computational Fluid Dynamics.

Links to different online CFD resources, including technical reports servers, information on mesh generation, job and vacancy in CFD. The list of the literature on fluid mechanics and numerical methods in fluids also is available.

Information about scientific conferences, and grants, projects and funding is regularly updated.

A lot of test cases and more advanced results in numerical simulation of aerodynamics and heat-mass transfer are available. Visualizations, comparisons with experimental data of local and integral characteristics of flows, were made by the author of the project.

To obtain electronic versions of publication with detailed description of numerical methods and results mail to Xoptimum@yandex.ru.

New Conferences:

Novel methods of physical-mathematical science

6th European Solid Mechanics Conference

New results:

Plazma coil burning

Transsonic profile RAE 2822

Transsonic profile NACA 0012

New publications available:

Dissertation is available

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